Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

One of my Cardinal rules of life: Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things Over at Dear Myrtle, with the lovely and talented Pat Richley-Erickson, the ESM's QuickLessons Study Group post hit on something I was delighted to see: negative evidence. This was especially timely as I had spent the previous 3 days constructing an argument to refute a … Continue reading Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

RootsTech 2016 – here I come!

I am humbled to report that my proposal for RootsTech 2016 has been accepted! After taking a bit of a sabbatical from teaching, my genealogical research exploded into full-on OCD mode. I became a loyal follower of genealogists such as Christa Cowan, Elizabeth Shown Mills, Thomas MacEntee and Dick Eastman. I put all of my research training to … Continue reading RootsTech 2016 – here I come!