A Summary of Surname Information

I've mentioned before that disseminating research is a challenge, not only for scholarly researchers but for genealogical and historical researchers as well. Having a foot in both camps, I guess I naively hoped somehow genealogical research would be easier to externalize. Heh. Riiiight. I keep detailed research logs that provide a common checkpoint for what I currently … Continue reading A Summary of Surname Information

Louise Kruse, wife of Luke Aloysius Meechan

Louise Kruse married Luke Aloysius Meechan and Thomas F. Meehan, II, married Sophia Irion on the same day, in the same church in Michigan. The "boys" were in Michigan for mining jobs and I suspect the girls were friends. Later I'll discuss the mess that was the marriage records - yikes. For now, meet Louise! Somewhere … Continue reading Louise Kruse, wife of Luke Aloysius Meechan