Avoiding the Research “Hit and Run”

It's like a research hit and run. Another researcher has left a notation on a record to highlight an error. Awesome! Scanning all of the info on the screen, searching feverishly for citations, references, or sources of any kind, it's now clear that no further info is given.


Catherine Louise Curran Meechan – obituary

BOOM BABY. 16 children with 4 preceding her in death. This was my second clue about the 16 vs. 12. I found this obit about a year ago and had located all of the kiddos shortly thereafter. Obituaries can be incorrect a great deal of the time, but every once in awhile there's a nugget!

Thomas Francis Meechan’s obituary

Header from the newspaper:   Note the DOB is listed as 15 Aug 1846. This date corresponds with what is listed on his death certificate and related documents. The headstone, however, shows something different: I've come to accept the odd reality that headstones are wrong more often than I'd imagined. I can't get my mind … Continue reading Thomas Francis Meechan’s obituary