Proximity of the Currans & Meechans

To estimate the relative proximity of the Meechan farm and the Curran farm, I picked addresses that are roughly where their homes were located. The Meechan location is 2514 Reimer Road, Wadsworth; the Curran location is 5954 Taylor Road, Norton Township.   Route and travel time by foot:   Here's the route and travel time by [...]


The 16 Children of Thomas Francis Meechan and Catherine Louise Curran

Anna Meechan, 1872–1878 John Meechan, 1874–1875 Susan Meechan, 1876–1943 Mary Germaine Meechan, 1877–1928 Margaret Meechan, 1880–1884 Daniel Joseph Meechan, 1882–1962 Catharina Louise Meechan, 1884–1939 Thomas Francis Meechan, 1886–1937 Luke Aloysius Meechan, 1888–1960 Anna C Meechan, 1890–1979 James Bernard Meechan, 1892–1976 John James Meechan, 1893–1969 Patrick Frank Meechan, 1894–1959 Grace May Meechan, 1897–1955 Ellen Meechan, 1899–1899 Gertrude Mabel Meechan, [...]

1916 Medina Farmers Directory

1916, Medina, Ohio, USA. Directory entry for farmers of Medina county: Thomas (Catherine), 12 children, farmer, Owns property, 130 acres, 4 horses, 5 cows, R1 Wadsworth, Wad 17 Tel. NOTE: Surname is spelled Meecham. Admittedly, I had to think about the "5c" for a little chickens? Aw man, you gotta have chickens - it's a farm!