To share genealogical and historical research relating to

  1. The One Name Study for the surname Meechan (and variants)
  2. Also, surnames Pica, Gardon, and Brown

The site began with the primary focus on descendants of my 2nd. great grandparents Thomas Francis Meechan (1846-1928) and Catherine Louise Curran (1851-1920). As requests to share my research mounted, I broadened my original scope.

Work in Progress

Because genealogical research is inherently a work in progress, please feel free to contact me with additional information and/or corrections. Every effort has been made to cite sources and to adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the National Genealogical Society. As a scholarly researcher trained in the scientific method, I firmly believe the best outcomes in all researches would be to document our attempts to disprove our own theories (rather than trying to prove a theory, which can lead to bias). Accordingly, I’ve had the pleasure of “zapping” entire lines from my tree which is liberating because now I know what it is not.

Where’s Your Tree?

After having some odd problems with the rigidity of the FamilySearch.org family tree I was building, I have decided to contribute to it no longer. There were clear and obvious errors that were contributed by others that I could not, despite my level best efforts, remove. I became frustrated with the inaccuracy and my inability to correct such problems so I decided not to spend any more time on it. Specifically, the Curran line is a disaster and crosses over into another family tree from another country, whom I’ve researched extensively and ruled out as being connected.

My family tree on Ancestry.com has now been listed as private and it isn’t because I don’t want to share my research. The problem I began to notice was that some users were wholesale copying info from my tree that I later determined was incorrect. It’s a work in process, right? Because of Ancestry’s algorithms, the same errors kept circulating and more and more users were copying them, despite my posting research notes, cautions, and corrections. I reached out to several people directly and offered to help them straighten out a few things but never heard back. Additionally, Ancestry seems to be developing their own algorithm to “enhance” user’s trees and I want no part of not being able to control who shows up as my ancestors, even though they’re not in my tree (i.e., an error).

Such problems are key differences between scholarly scientific research findings and genealogical research as I have direct control over how my scholarly research is published and, therefore, direct responsibility for making sure it’s correct. Since I cannot satisfy the second requirement in my genealogical research on Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org, I’m hosting the information here.

Sometimes the best research reveals to us what something is not, rather than what it is.

What’s the Story?

Where available, narratives are provided. Sometimes the historical context deserves its own post, however, as much of this type of information is intentionally interwoven as possible. To help keep track of my bloodline, direct ancestors are identified in bold throughout.

Fair Use Notice

The owner of the site and editor of all content believes that this not-for-profit, educational, and research use of the information contained herein constitutes Fair Use (as provided for under United States Copyright Law). Should anything posted not be covered by the Fair Use Doctrine, I will immediately comply with any copyright owner who gives notice and requests protected content to be removed, linked or credited. Should anything posted not be covered under the Fair Use Doctrine, I will immediately comply with any copyright owner who gives notice and requests protected content to be removed, linked or credited.

Request for Assistance

Thus far, my genealogical research endeavors have been rewarding and I’ve connected with family members whom I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting – until now. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process and have developed a deeper appreciation for the many gifts of my family. Because I don’t share my trees elsewhere does not mean that I’m not open to helping others – quite the opposite, in fact. 

Need a hand? Have clues to breaking down my brick wall that is the connection from Ireland to the U.S.? Have a correction or question? Drop me a line!

Thanks for visiting!

Dr. Cori Meechan Zuppo, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, GPHR


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