A Summary of Surname Information

I’ve mentioned before that disseminating research is a challenge, not only for scholarly researchers but for genealogical and historical researchers as well. Having a foot in both camps, I guess I naively hoped somehow genealogical research would be easier to externalize.


Heh. Riiiight.

I keep detailed research logs that provide a common checkpoint for what I currently know (i.e., using the genealogical proof standard, see BCG and NGS) and a running list of what I don’t know.

Here’s the thing: There are several of us looking for information on our family and we’ve likely come across the same items over and over. The researches are not collectively memorialized so newcomers don’t waste their time redoing everything that’s already been done. Incidentally, having everything in one permanent place is a great benefit of one-name studies, like the one I’ve undertaken for the surname Meechan (including 5 variants).

As part of the basis for my one-name study, I’ve researched the surname distribution from all of Ireland’s [available online] census lists, tithe records, voter rolls, directories, birth/marriage/death records, and whatever else I could get my hands on. Since I have years of research to share, bit by bit I’ll pull things and add them to posts tagged surname findings.

Hopefully, by sharing what I have, others will share what they have, and we’ll cultivate some dialogue along the way.

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