Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

One of my Cardinal rules of life:

Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

Over at Dear Myrtle, with the lovely and talented Pat Richley-Erickson, the ESM’s QuickLessons Study Group post hit on something I was delighted to see: negative evidence. This was especially timely as I had spent the previous 3 days constructing an argument to refute a particular [erroneous] conclusion, mostly using negative evidence.

Sidebar: It is astonishing how easily errors can be perpetuated when family myths or rumors are used in place of solid, verifiable research…not that those things are without merit, they just do not facts make. [Ah, a topic for another day.]

Back to the point. If you haven’t yet found Ole’ Myrt’s mega-cache of resources, you must go check out the awesomeness. I lurk regularly and learn a great deal.

Pat Richley-Erickson, Carol Kostakos Petranek, Cori Meechan Zuppo
Left to Right: Pat Richley-Erickson, Carol Kostakes Petranek, and Cori Meechan Zuppo at RootsTech 2016

Another powerhouse researcher, Carol Kostakes Petranek (pictured above) is the Greek Goddess behind Spartan Roots. My husband’s family is Greek Cyprian and I can attest to the level of difficulty involved in just getting started with researching Greek ancestors. When I met Carol at RootsTech, I instantly knew one thing: Carol. Knows. Greek. Go on, check it out!

Common Threads

The thing these fine researchers have in common? Adhering to the highest standards for genealogical research and teaching others along the way. Admittedly, such things represent nerd heaven, in my humble opinion. I see my mission as a genealogist is to provide research that can be replicated and, therefore, verified (same for academic research). As I’ve written before, Without proof, it doesn’t exist and [sometimes] being wrong is awesome! 

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