Refreshing Research Agendas & Goals

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (10 of 10)

Summer is usually my prime time for research. I’ve been working on my combined academic and genealogical research agenda, however, my consulting work has been extremely busy. Time is, once again, limited. [I keep hoping someone will hack that time/space continuum thing but so far, no.]

The short list:

  1. Submit proposal(s) to RootsTech 2017. DONE
  2. Register one-name study. DONE
  3. Begin formal application for Certified Genealogist (CG) and set target date
  4. Re-tool website
  5. Migrate from Family Tree Maker (FTM) to Heredis, export GEDCOM(s)

Craving Structure

After organizing files and assets, I decided on a structure that would facilitate sharing the massive amount of research and information I have amassed. Most of my work-in-process has not been published due to not yet having met the genealogical proof standard (GPS) in one way or another. The one-name study will be great in terms of having everything in one place and being able to contribute a sustainable record of research.

Needing Time

I conduct a large amount of research on a daily basis for writing, teaching, and consulting, and if I don’t timebox the hours I’ll spend on any single type of research, one will crowd out the others. Plus, there’s normal life stuff to consider (e.g., dinner, kids, exercise) so scheduling blocks of time – you know, actually writing it down – will be helpful.

Streamlining Tools

I’m having a bad FTM day. I am used to dealing with all of kinds of weird, ornery technology and do a fair amount of design/build work, however, FTM is costing more time than it is benefitting the cause. I think Heredis (thanks Dick Eastman!) is going to a welcome breath of fresh air. When asked whether Heredis is superior to FTM, Dick stated

I suspect if you ask 10 genealogists who have used both programs, five will say ‘Yes’ and the other five will say ‘No.’ In my opinion, both are powerful genealogy programs with many, many features.

I agree. Choosing tech tools is a very subjective proposition for technologists and the user interfaces of genealogy software can be a little challenging, so, here’s to less challenge and more progress!

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