Proximity of the Currans & Meechans

To estimate the relative proximity of the Meechan farm and the Curran farm, I picked addresses that are roughly where their homes were located. The Meechan location is 2514 Reimer Road, Wadsworth; the Curran location is 5954 Taylor Road, Norton Township.


Route and travel time by foot:

Meechan to Curran 1910 walking


Here’s the route and travel time by car:

Meechan to Curran 1910 Car



The route and travel time by bike:

Meechan to Curran 1910 Bike


Considering there would be a lot of horse carriage traffic, despite the new and affordable Model-T, I believe carriage travel time might be similar to biking. I will look at train travel later. I’d like to dig up some maps and routes.


Burns, T. (n.d.) How fast could they travel. Weblog entry retrieved from


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