When you hate the look of your blog…

According to my rules of technology, the hate is merely a symptom of the paradox of choice.

I really like spending my time researching tech, genealogy, history. Those are broad domains. There are endless ways and means to organize my stuff; all of them are equally “ooh shiney” because they’re tech. Perfectionism is not an asset here.

Because there are so many choices, I – like others – get stuck in the grand big box store of the mind. “Oooooh look at this! But, how about this! Shiney – c’mon, let me try to break it, please!?” The problem manifests as the awkward ability to learn to live with meh output [in form or aesthetic] because the focus is on the content. Fair enough. The other aspect is that I like all things design, especially methodologies, so I get stuck there too.

Recognizing these things as related, I think it’s easy to be unrealistic. [my Lasagna for Yeti theory…later] I also think some of that unrealistic stuff is what makes me just enough of a dreamer to really appreciate the various aspects of design.

  1. The first step is accepting I am powerless over my inner tech nerd. She can’t help it.
  2. The second step is to remember to not only ask for help, but to organize and facilitate it. [duh, use what you know…]
  3. The third step is to put that inner smarty pants part in the corner. You know, that critical little stinker…
  4. The fourth step is to accept that the practice of research is a practice for a reason.
  5. The fifth step is to practice, with a focus on methods.
  6. The sixth step is accepting that sometimes it’s ok to hate your blog.

indecision dice

There you go. Six steps instead of 12. Half the time. Boom baby. No more fretting.

yeah, that’ll last about a day


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