Research Regroup

My research background is in the organizational/behavioral sciences and STEM. Essentially it’s people, process, and tools [though I add organizations]. My research is usually quantitative (therefore, impersonal) and objectivity has been beaten into my head, courtesy of past professors.

Genealogical research has shown to be quite a different challenge, however, I was lucky to have some tools before I began.

You know how it starts: one gets the itch to research their family history and gleefully starts a messy and error-ridden family tree on a site like It’s addicting and it’s fun! The adrenaline rush redirects the blood flow away from the brain (where objectivity resides) and soon, almost all of us end up barking up someone else’s tree!

Alrighty. Lessons learned.

Even though I was an experienced researcher before beginning my family research, early on, I made most – if not all – of the common research mistakes. I think the benefit of previous experience helped me to redirect the project quicker than if I didn’t have experience.

At least that’s what I’d like to think…[/laughing]

At this point, I’m craving a project plan. Project management, as a discipline, is the center of my happy place.  I’ve designed and taught many rounds of courses on the subject and probably should sit for my PMP soon, which I’ve been putting off. Killing two birds at once, I could use what I know to redirect and organize my genealogy research. [duh, really?].

Sidebar: this is where the adrenaline-induced hijacking of the brain could have headed off potential pitfalls.


Next steps: Develop work breakdown structure and other project initiation documents.




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