You’re in the Army now…

My Dad told me that my grandfather, Luke Daniel Meechan, had every aspiration to join the Navy during WWII. One day, grandpa went down to the Naval recruiting station and was sent over to the Army recruiting station. Meanwhile, my grandmother had purchased little Navy outfits for the boys to wear when their father returned home.

So, grandpa returned home and told the boys he enlisted with the U.S. Army instead of the U.S. Navy. I sincerely doubt it stopped them from playing their roles and hamming things up. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures – yet. However, I do have pics of my grandpa in uniform:

Luke D. Meechan WII Luke D. Meechan WWII U.S. Army Luke Daniel Meechan WWII

Historical note: My hometown of Dennison, Ohio was known as “Dreamsville” during WWII because of the Canteen. One of these days I will get into the significance of the depot, the Railroad Festival, and my family. Very cool stuff.

Camp Atterbury

Luke served in the Pacific theatre, specifically the Philippines and surrounding areas. He was discharged in 1944 as a Corporal out of Camp Atterbury.

I have located Luke’s Army records and have yet to complete the request for information.

Sidebar: It frustrated me greatly that I couldn’t get the information online [no instant gratification – bah!]. Such are the problems of a modern genealogist.


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