Irish Naming Conventions: Planned vs. Actual, sort of…

Below is a scan of my notes on Irish naming conventions. I keep copious notes in both digital and analog forms. [After a failing hard drive during the final days of dissertation research, I’m still a little jumpy…erg.]  Not surprisingly, I have a Moleskine notebook obsession. They’re great, nerdy fun and essential for organizing research. I’ll publish everything as my research progresses in the event that the notes could be useful to someone else.

For now, we’re looking for patterns. Here’s the foundation:

Irish naming conventions

Research question:

Did Thomas F. Meechan and Catherine Louise Curran follow the Irish and/or Scottish naming conventions?

I wanted to compare the family roster for Thomas Francis Meechan (1846-1928) and Catherine Louise Curran with the pattern of Irish (primary) and Scottish (meh, why not) naming conventions. As a side note, I know that I am missing 1 of the 16 children and hoped for clues from this exercise.


Irish Naming Male Analysis

Further research needed regarding the possible Luke.


Irish naming Female Analysis

It doesn’t seem likely that the Irish conventions would be followed for the males and not the females unless there was a reason to deviate (e.g., Catherine had Scots-Irish heritage which is ultimately Anglo-Norman).

It could be that the 16th child is the missing piece in the pattern. Either way, the name Mary seems to be an outlier based upon everything I have thus far. I’ve satisfied the reasonably exhaustive research standard so the only thing to chase is what the “G” or “I” [Mary’s middle initial] represents, which doesn’t seem to be relative to the gap…

Hot mess.


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