A Very Big Find

I found this picture courtesy of a new cousin acquaintance of mine, Eugene Patrick Meechan. I’ve been studying the Meechan family’s first generation from Ireland for two years. I still don’t have the link back to Ireland, but finding a picture of these people whom I’ve grown to learn so much about was – well – very moving. To put faces to the names was deeply gratifying and provided fuel for my ongoing research.

I’m honored to present Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Francis Meechan and Family:

Thomas F Meechan Catherine Curran

I’m putting together the analysis for my best guesses as to who is whom and I’ll share that once completed. (I’m analyzing birth order, draft card data, etc.) I’m quite sure that the big fellow in the top right is my great grandfather, Luke Aloysius Meechan who was 6′ tall and weighed about 210 lbs.


4 thoughts on “A Very Big Find

  1. Cori,

    I have a copy of this same picture through Lori Clum (Granddaughter of Patrick Meechan) from New Philly. The young girl in the front is my great-grandmother, Gertrude (Meechan) Walker. Hope that helps!

    Good luck,


    1. Hi Justin! Thanks for the confirmation! Little by little I’m going to be posting all of the research I’ve done on the first generation in the U.S. Keep in touch and feel free to add anything you may have. As a side note, I just got my one name study approved for “Meechan” and I’ll blog about that shortly. Glad you stopped by! Best, Cori


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