Meechans and Coal Mining

My Dad has told me stories about Meechans and coal mines. He said he was absolutely amazed that the mules would come out of the dark mine entrances carrying lots of coal. As a kid, he said he wasn’t sure where they were coming from…but they just kept coming…sort a cool mystery for a kid, huh?

Dad has talked about riding out to the mine on his grandfather’s (Luke Aloysius Meechan) lap while he drove the truck. He said “grandpa didn’t talk much and if you asked him a question, he might answer or he might not. You never knew…” This made me laugh because it reminded me of my grandfather, Luke Daniel Meechan, who didn’t say much either.

The Meechan mining operation my Dad remembers was near coal mines Nos. 4 & 7, toward Bowerston in Harrison County, Ohio. I have found the Meechan Mine geographic location, which is noted as a “cultural feature (mine)”. The U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, seems to suggest the clear connection between (developing) societal culture and industry (mining).

Beyond the geographical location, I cannot find any notation of ownership, incorporation and/or business listing for M&M Mining or Meechan Brothers Mining, which I’d been told were some of the names. I found a listing for an equipment sale in the early-mid 1950s and my Dad said the mine probably closed in the late 40s. I searched all of the state historical mining reports and data (e.g., the online assets at the Ohio Historical Society) and have yielded nothing.

As I continue my research, I will take a picture of the hard hat my Dad has from Meechan mining days as well as any other artifacts I can find. Until then, please contact me if you have any information regarding Meechans and coal.


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