Grandma Was a Badass

Yes, she was. And Grandpa, yep, he was a badass too. However, I'm not referring to just one grandma or one grandpa as it's pretty remarkable that somehow everyone survived to the extent that I am sitting here now, typing this post. As I have developed such a strong respect for all aspects of my … Continue reading Grandma Was a Badass

A Summary of Surname Information

I've mentioned before that disseminating research is a challenge, not only for scholarly researchers but for genealogical and historical researchers as well. Having a foot in both camps, I guess I naively hoped somehow genealogical research would be easier to externalize. Heh. Riiiight. I keep detailed research logs that provide a common checkpoint for what I currently … Continue reading A Summary of Surname Information

Black Sheep Family Members

The Black Sheep Family Member Everyone has them. Nobody really likes talking about them. Yeah, that happened. Sometimes we will find documentation of black sheep ancestors or related events that aren't particularly glowing or positive. Such findings are pieces of history, right? Yes, however, making the decision to share - or not - is an important consideration. Black … Continue reading Black Sheep Family Members

One Name Study Comin’ Right up!

[Well, if it were only that easy...] Back in February (2016) I presented at RootsTech and had a blast making friends and talking with many knowledgeable people. One of the knowledgeable people I encountered was Paul Howes*, Chairman of The Guild of One-Name Studies. Paul was manning the Guild's booth and I stopped to chat. … Continue reading One Name Study Comin’ Right up!

Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

One of my Cardinal rules of life: Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things Over at Dear Myrtle, with the lovely and talented Pat Richley-Erickson, the ESM's QuickLessons Study Group post hit on something I was delighted to see: negative evidence. This was especially timely as I had spent the previous 3 days constructing an argument to refute a … Continue reading Surround Yourself with People Who Know Things

Refreshing Research Agendas & Goals

Summer is usually my prime time for research. I've been working on my combined academic and genealogical research agenda, however, my consulting work has been extremely busy. Time is, once again, limited. [I keep hoping someone will hack that time/space continuum thing but so far, no.] The short list: Submit proposal(s) to RootsTech 2017. DONE … Continue reading Refreshing Research Agendas & Goals

Without proof, it doesn’t exist

The fun thing about genealogy is that every family member has a different part of the story. Memories are reflections of individual experiences and our stories follow. Memories are the fuel for leads and all leads have to be thoroughly tested before the genealogical standard of proof has been satisfied. Family memories and legends hold … Continue reading Without proof, it doesn’t exist

U.S. Find A Grave & Errors: Luke Curran

One of the common resources used in genealogy research is For the most part, is a helpful resource that might contain research clues. However, inaccurate information is sometimes posted by well-meaning contributors, leading researchers off in weird directions. Some take issue with the fact that anyone - outside of family - can own … Continue reading U.S. Find A Grave & Errors: Luke Curran